Chat main pcalls literally EVERY SINGLE TIME

When I run a place in studio this funee thing happens to the roblox default “chat main” script. I thought it’s caused by inconvenience in my own scripts. So I ran a game in base plate, BUT THE SAME ERROR OCCURED.

Stack Begin  -  Studio
  00:33:15.226  Script 'Players.Mustroomf.PlayerScripts.ChatScript.ChatMain', Line 1063  -  Studio
  00:33:15.227  Script 'Players.Mustroomf.PlayerScripts.ChatScript.ChatMain', Line 1062  -  Studio
  00:33:15.227  Stack End  -  Studio

anyone know how to get this thing to stop yelling meaninglessly, it really helps with my blood pressure

Replication steps: create a baseplate, run it, and it have a chance to occur

It would be helpful if you posted what the error said, rather than where it was!

If you genuinely think it’s a bug you can include more details and reproduction steps in a PM to @Bug-Support