Chat System Cutting off Last Words of a Sentence

Recently a new bug has appeared where the in-game default chat system will cut off the last words of a sentence. For example, I’d normally like to post “Hello there how are you” but sometimes the last word is cut off, resulting in: “Hello there how are” instead. This bug does not appear to occur 100% of the time, and there does not appear to be any steps to reproduce this bug. It seems to only happen at random every so often.

The bug seems to only occur in game, and the platform I’ve only seen it on is PC (I use Windows 10) and other PC players have experienced the same bug, so I don’t believe it occurs only on my exact OS. This bug isn’t restricted to only one place either, so I regretfully can’t post any places that demonstrate this. It appears to have started a few weeks ago. I was not able to intentionally recreate this bug alone, so it’s likely it only occurs in places with active chats.

This occurs in the default chat window on the upper left corner of the screen, although I believe it also shows with bubble chat.


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