(Chat) while typing change Chat Message Text Order From Left To Right To Right To Left?

any help :slight_smile:
I asked about the issue in the title. I am from Asian Country and in my country we write from right to left.
i appreciate all who can help, i am trying to make that about a day and i can’t do it…

I’m sorry you’re having issues. If you’re creating your own gui, you can set that (forgot property name). If you’re using the default ui, I am afraid this is not possible.

With the default ui (chat) it is possible. You just have to fork the chat gui from the original roblox gui.

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You can set text align to “right”, this will make so the text aligns on the right side of the UI you’re trying to implement it in.

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I tried to change TextXAlignment, but its only moves to left the label

Do you want the letters to “add on” from right to left aswell?

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Yes, i want the letters to add on from right to left

The case has been solved. :slight_smile:
to solve it you have to COPY the ClientChatModules Folder from Chat and then go to
Chat > ClientChatModules > ChatSettings
Change the ChatBarFont from SourceSansBold to Ariel
and that’s all
Thank you guys! <3

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