ChatService:Chat Adornee Issues

I’m trying to make a walkie talkie system, where when you talk into the radio, a chat bubble appears on everyone elses radios ( tools and accessories ). The issue is, when parented to the character chat bubbles move the players chat to the adornee, and can’t be moved back. Not only is the bubble offset from its intended position, it also permanently moves the players chat bubble. How can I fix this or go around it?

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Mind sharing the script you’re working with?

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Unfortunately the script isn’t the issue, but the :Chat function is running on the client, and the adornee is a child of the character. I’ve saw someone else with this issue but they have yet to respond with how they fixed it. I think it’s a engine bug, and I’m just looking for a way around it.

Unfortunately the script isn’t the issue

Then this doesn’t belong in scripting support.

Where would you put this then? Because I’m still looking for scripting support, this wouldn’t go into building support or code review.

I doubt it’s an engine bug but if you believe it as such then it belongs there.

Unfortunately I don’t have access to that category.