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It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you make they’re all learning experiences, this is the devforum people come here to learn and find out what needs fixing with their code etc, he’s likely not taking feedback because everyone is being rather rude to them, maybe a nicer approach would help, in all honesty I’d probably igore people like that too.

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i ignored who dosen’t give feedback, like you, you are troller, and stop try to find things that you want, there is also other things, for example, you said that i only listening to people who saying:

  • “Ayyy, this is very well done! Just one thing, you have something wrong here!”

Right after I fixed something that @MonkeyFollicle said:

please stop to troll, if its not good for you then then go.

As if the other resources they’ve released before are just the same no-good-use addons?

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I always see this topic being bumped back to the front of resources page, and its nearly your fault every single time.

Youve already made the same point like what, 10 times?

I dont agree or disagree with anything on this topic, but please, if the resource is so bad, stop responding.

If you literally can’t even understand English then please stop bothering. Nobody is trolling, @VSCPlays maybe, but otherwise no one is.

Please define “trolling” and give me an example of us doing it.


Its not even the fact that it’s being bumped, I couldnt care less, its the fact that youve dragged this on for 2 months straight and I just feel bad.

I dont understand how this persons resource is such a huge problem for you.

They may have poor english, but I completely get why he is calling you and others trollers. Even if he is ignoring feedback, then just leave it that? Hasnt it already been proven its not working? I think youve made your point MANY times already.

You are the one bothering him, not the other way around. Sometimes you and others leave feedback, I agree with a lot of the feedback given, but then other times its non-constructive and just criticism.

This has absolutely nothing to do with this.

@Opxtical if you want to respond in dms please do so


Okay, I like the dedication from this guy. Keep up the work and making it better.

Now I do agree this needs a lot of fixing but don’t clown on the guy he is updating it someone said cars didn’t work well guess what he fixed that. He is actually trying I’m glad for him.


can you please tell me what i should to fix?
i dont find any bugs on it.

Heres how to fix it:

Delete the post, delete the model, delete everything and just stop trying to make absolutely rubbish community resources. Its good that you’re trying, but until you’re at the level of creating genuine, proper community resources that are effective and well made, don’t publish any. As others have said, your heart is in the right place however you are failing to take into consideration the feedback from players.


Try not taking this the wrong way, but you remind me a bit of my younger years when the Roblox Forums still existed. Defensive to my immediate beliefs, no matter the cost.

A question I wish someone could have asked me during is this: “Have you considered how your online interactions may impact your professional reputation in the long run?”

People are able to change, some however will still look to past posting history to make an opinion on someone they come across, and this can be an awkward situation.

What @Deadstatic77 said, you always have the chance to start over. As much as it may hurt now, it’ll bring long-term relief.

Just wanted to chime in after seeing this post nearly a hundred times. I too will be muting this post from here on out.


good job by running that single piece of code lua just imploded!

SOON! CheatBlocker PRO! (1/10/2023)

What will be inside CheatBlocker PRO:

please note that some of the things maybe will change, some things can be deleted and many things can be added, until the release of CheatBlock PRO.

  • CheatBlocker + FSA :white_check_mark:
    to make cheatblocker pro more good, FSA (Fairbow Smart Assistant) will be inisde cheatblocker pro,
    but it will not be the regular fsa, it will be with many other models and it will be better.
    FSA will be keep updating inside cheatblocker, to be better especially for cheatblocker, players that listed as a admin in your admins list inside your settings module will have the access to fsa, it can help them to catch cheaters, and for more things.
  • Shaming :white_check_mark:
    in cheatblocker pro going to be the shaming option that you can enable and disable in the settings like all the other things, this is will send a message in the chat to all the players in the server when player is cheating, of course it will have cooldown for eath player, you can change it in the settings.
  • Anti Horizontally Flight :white_check_mark:
    it is like anti flight but horizontally
    its good for more client exploitations.
  • Everything Improved :white_check_mark:
    alomst everything in cheatblocker pro was improved, here is a few things that improved:
    the changing postion methods.
    it’s faster.
    doing many things at the same time.
    and many many more…
  • Access to beta features :white_check_mark:
    in cheatblocker pro there will be beta features and new things many time before it is will be inside the free version.

and more…

CheatBlocker PRO EXAMPLE (not 100% updated):


To try to make it better than other anti cheats, and it’s also more helpful with that.

I can half understand an ai but a drawing board? That feels a little weird.

i made a drawing board to make it more difficult for cheaters to bypass that.

Wait what :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Is your plan literally distracting the hackers with a drawing feature? :skull:

no, its just more hard to draw something correct than just clicking on something, that way you can recognize that it is really a person and it is also not afk player.

and its showing after some time that you can change in the settings that the player dont move, so in games that the player should be always in movement, like fps games, it will not bother players.

why is there a shaming option, and why does it have a cooldown?

the shaming is to make a message in the server chat to all the players when a player is cheat.
its good because there will be more chance that the cheater will leave the game.