Check Buttons Position

Title says it all.
Is there a way you can server sided check the position of button?
Because exploiters can just position the buttons to one point and use auto clicker to exploit the system.

Servers are unable to see what a client does, perhaps you can try to discourage the exploiters from this through a different approach or design?

Attempting to band-aid this requires a RemoteEvent to call the client and the client firing back at the server with the position of the buttons. This does not work if the exploiters manage to “rewire” the code.

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You shouldn’t be too worried if the button isn’t doing much, if you are using a RemoteEvent, record their time everytime the event is being fired on the server. You can use it to check the last time they clicked the button on the server if the button relies on a RemoteEvent for it to function.

Hi, you can check server side if the character distance with the button position is not to far.

I meant gui button also sorry for late reply