Check Out My [Insert Building Type Here]

What building doesn’t to some extent look similar on all four corners?

You find me the building I copied, then we can talk. Everything here is of my own design so unless someone’s stolen it I highly doubt you’ve seen it anywhere else.

I think the build is repetitive. Add different objects around the build to break it up. Real life isn’t perfect.

Question: Did you use a texture for the windows?


Again, as I said in my two other posts, if you look at 90% of buildings ever made you would see that they have a repetitive element.

Yea definitely, I have some sort of advanced texture that let’s you see through to the other side.

I dont know where you live, but damn it must be perfect.

Were trying to give you feedback, but you refuse to take it. Also, you’re not allowed to ask for prices.

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Google the word “building” and find me a building that doesn’t have the same repetitive window size on all four sides. The vast majority of designers use the same window design on all sides. Very few will use varying shapes.

I need good constructive feedback, not useless comments about “repetitiveness”.

I think if you added a grand staircase and some huge double doors to break up the design you would have a great looking historical train station or museum or something. I like the overall design. I would not go as far as to say it was low effort, I can tell major thought went into it. Keep up the good work!


Honestly, your build looks incredible! I think it’s worth 2000+ robux for the time and effort put into it. I did notice a few flaws in the build, such as a crack in the wall.
Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 8.00.16 AM

But I’m going to have to agree with @PolyMahma
Well done!


Ok then let me give you “useful” feedback.

  1. That long and skinny part at the roof should be thickened and supported by poles.

  2. I noticed some small gaps in the corner of the building.

  3. The outside could use some lights to light the build up at night.

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Continue the discussion in messages to avoid flooding this topic out.

Having a transparent texture doesn’t mean it is advanced, it isn’t that hard to pull off.

The windows are not a texture lol.

looks flat, you either used a texture, or have very thin parts

From the way you replied it seems like it would be a bad experience trying to buy it from you. If I was interested in this, but thought it was too repetitive and told you that and you respond with “have you went outside? all buildings are repetitive” I would feel offended and not buy it, not even for 100 Robux. Maybe instead you should ask what you can do to lower the repetitiveness, my suggestion would be to add doors, add more blank space between windows, add vegetation growing on the building, or change up the colors of the parts using the plugin autoshader to make it so not all of it is the exact same color.

Also, you spending 2 hours on the roof shouldn’t come into consideration when buying. Most games will have the player on the ground and they will never get a good view at the roof so it doesn’t matter much and a flat one would do just fine.

And your sarcasm of “Yea definitely, I have some sort of advanced texture that let’s you see through to the other side” doesn’t work because those definitely are a real thing and it’s not advanced, you just set the transparency of the part the texture is on to something above 0.


This is the type of feedback I’m looking for. You gave a valid opinion rather than a blatant “IT’S TOO REPETETIVE OMG” that serves no purpose other than to complain about a build. I thank you for your feedback.

I’m trying to give people an accurate idea of the time and effort I put in when they consider the design and in helping me approximate a price for the build.

Their quite clearly trolling, it’s obvious who has genuine feedback and who is looking to needlessly critique other’s work or come up with theories that have no factual basis.

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I hate to break it to you, but windows are normally flat and level.

Valuating a build on the DevForum shouldn’t be a priority. ‘7.1 Do not create topics asking how much you should sell or buy assets for; these will be considered spam.’

As for the build itself, the outside has decent detail. Next time you make a build, I would suggest mapping, because adding an interior to this can be very difficult due to the different wall elevations and the massive amount of windows.