Check out this game made by {Cookie StudiOs}

This game is made by the { Cookie Studi0s - Roblox } and i am the main dev please check out this game it’s still in beta we are still working on it! Here is the game: AI Creator [Beta] - Roblox please feedback!!


Hi. Like what you have done so far. Can I suggest that you rotate the part by 45 or 90 degrees on each turn. Also, perhaps you could add walls so we could build our own maze. Is it also possible to tell the system how many NPCs to spawn?


Sure in the next update [about 1 hour], its still in beta as you know they’re are many updates comming!!

Nice concept of the game, only issue i found is that 1 side of the door isnt working

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Did you rotated the prompt, as the front of the door?