Check out this new game I made!

I made this new game called Every Second you Grow Fatter. I noticed that there were a lot of games recently that had this style of something happening every second; so I thought I would join in and make my own version.

I do like how the game turned out, I made it on the 22-23 and have been updating it since. Give it a try yourself and give me any feedback if you have some to give.

I did sponsor this game for 3 days but for a little amount of Robux. I put in 30 Robux and got around 250 visits which I would call successful.

Link: Every Second you GROW FATTER! - Roblox


I like it

U might want to add a hide GUI in there


Really emphases America. Spontaneous Eagle with 4th of July fireworks going off over your head GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

There is no America in this game might I add.

Love it! I dont think I got a multiplier for rebirthing though