Check what device a player's on?


Is there any way to check what device a player is on? if so, please send some reference/guides that I could follow.


Here is a good tuturial by ripperoni


You can find out if a player is on a console using GuiService:IsTenFootInterface. To differentiate between PC and Mobile is a little bit different though. You can check multiple things to determine it such as the screen width, Keyboard Enabled, Touch Events etc. As you may guess, this can return false positives.

Why would you want to know this btw?

So I can make the GUI and settings run differently depending on the device.

This tutorial works! Thank you!

Ah I see, I would recommend letting the player decide what settings to run (assuming you mean performance wise). Since i’m sure a PC with a touch screen will render as having touch enabled. Then you’re just going to lower their gaming experience even if they are on a higher-end device.

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