Check when a part is touching ANYTHING

So kind of like a .Touched event but for parts too any ideas?

I need to check when a laser touches a part it destroys it and flings the ones around it, or if it hits player, it damages, not sure if .Touched works with parts

Edit: Never mind, apparently .Touched does work with it sorry.

I recommend you to use Rays instead.

How do I detect when it gets touched on rays? it is using rays, but I made a laser part to make it visual

Please do some search. A whole wiki was made for documenting all kinds of things, it is called the Developer Hub.

WorldRoot:Raycast (

I know how to detect ray parts, but is there a way to do it the second it hits something

Touched works with parts if there is physics interaction with them, So moving the part to the laser by directly setting its CFrame/Position properties will not cause it to fire, the same will happen if they’re both anchored. You probably met one or more of the conditions mentioned and thus why you were lead to the conclusion that Touched does not work with parts.

Also I would recommend doing raycasting instead for something like a laser if needed. Do a racyast, get the result if it hit something, get the Instance, check if it’s a body part of a palyer’s character or just a regular part and do what you had mentioned if one of them is met

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Thank you for explaining that :slight_smile:

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