CheckBox and CheckLabel GUI Types

Basically what the title says, instead of “Text” or “Image” it would have “Checked” / “Value” or something along those lines, with perhaps the ability to set the image of the check like with the scrolling frames

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This is too easy to make yourself, I think.

It is but it’s such a generic thing I’d rather ROBLOX made it instead of me having to remake it each time / use a module

Is there any chance of this happening?

If not I’m going to make a module for myself.

Also, CheckLabel probably isn’t needed seeing as it could just be an image.

Implementing these as actual instances is bad.

Roblox needs to add a programmable instance type, that scripts can add methods/properties to, and that has an associated creation script such that it can be edited/viewed in studio as well, when the game is not running.

Initially only roblox would use it for these ‘composed instance types’, but later we could be given access as well (with special precautions to avoid naming clashes - like start all custom types with “Custom” prefix)