Checkerz | Code of Conduct

The Checkerz Code of Conduct intends to outline the rules and regulations every user is expected to follow whilst at any Frozey establishment. This includes Customers, Cashiers, and the Staff Team. Appropriate punishments will be given to anyone who breaks these rules.

Major Infractions
Major infractions are nonnegotiable, permanent bans. These are taken seriously at Checkerz. The Appeals Team will not take into account any appeals if you have a Major Infraction on file.

[1] Exploiting
Exploiting of any kind will result in immediate termination from Checkerz.

[2] Glitching
Glitching into places with intent such as the Staff Room, Kitchen, or any other place in which you don’t have access to will result in an immediate ban.

[3] Ban Evasion
If you have been banned on another account do not attempt to use an alternative account. If found doing so, both accounts will be permanently banned, regardless of the pervious

Minor Infractions
Although not as serious, Minor Infractions will still be taken seriously. These bans can be appealed if you choose to submit an appeal.

[1] Trolling
Trolling is not tolerated at Checkerz. Trolling Customers, Cashiers, or Staff Members will result in a warning. If you continue, you will be banned.

[2] Spamming
Spamming in the in game chat will not be tolerated.

[3] Vulgar comments
Bypassing or inappropriate comments will not be tolerated at Checkerz. Please keep your chat messages within the Roblox rules.

[4] Common Sense
Please use common sense, and do not attempt to find loopholes in these rules. The Checkerz Staff Team reserves the right to ban you, within reason.

All rules outlined above are to be followed by everyone, regardless of rank. No rank is exempt from these rules. If you have any questions, please open a Support Ticket in our Communications Server.