Checking for a models name to be players name


Sorry for the bump.

Why can’t you have a folder called “Plots” in workspace and then when a player joins, you create a folder inside it named after the Player. Then whenever a player creates a plot you can put it in their Plot Folder.

This makes it much easier as you’ll have access to all their plots just by doing :GetChildren() instead of having to loop through EVERY plot in the game and do string manipulation.


This would break if the player’s name somehow had one of the Lua pattern characters in it: “( ) . % + - * ? [ ^ $” This case is very unlikely to ever happen. If you really can’t just store plots in a Lua table, I would recommend using the format:

plotId .. "_" .. player.UserId

Then to check use the code:

string.find(plot.Name, "_" .. player.UserId .. "$")

So long as you don’t have too many plots active at once, the loop solution shouldn’t have performance problems.