Checking if something called TeleportService or MarketPlaceService or a function of it

So there’s this problem that my friend got in a game where it either spams purchases or teleports them to a random place. He wants to know if there is a way to figure out if a script/module is calling either of those services and then if they are, print where it came from. Since he doesn’t have access to the forums, he asked me to ask for him

Try search up require by pressing ctrl shift f (i think?) Could be a plugin, or free model so tell him to remove all plugins/free models and sesrch for require

That means he might be using free models, if you do use free models I would say check every script using ctrl + f and searching up for requires or a getfenv.

I tried, it came back with nothing.

This probably won’t help as malicious scripts usually are obfuscated.

@zachariapopcorn If he is using free models ask him to look in any free models he has in his game and look for weird looking code and if it exists, just delete it

Additionally, check if anyone with edit access has a malicious plugin. To do that, open a baseplate and type Script into the explorer filter, and look if any scripts get created. If they do, you definitely have a malicious plugin and you should go through your plugins and disable them one at a time and repeat that process, opening a baseplate and typing in Script until no script is created. When no script is created, whatever plugin you just disabled is the malicious one. Usually malicious plugins are stolen copies meant to look exactly like the original and are botted to get their favorites up.

It could a virus that controls your friend’s game. :roll_eyes: