[Checkpoint Tweening]Difficulty chart Checkpoint Tween

Hey There, In many games we see that when we touch a checkpoint it tweens and then stops tweening.
I wanted to implement that so i made the tween for it here it is - local Tween = game.TweenService:Create(script.Part,TweenInfo.new(0.8,Enum.EasingStyle.Sine,Enum.EasingDirection.InOut),{Size = Vector3.new(8.927, 1, 8.756); Transparency = 1})
However, Making it tween once is the issue here.


I Understand That Tween:Pause() And Tween:Cancel() Are a function, i Dont know how in the world do i implement it here to tween Once.


Heres An Example of the thing i was wanting

You could make the Tween only occur from a local script and have a debounce for it


local canTween = true

  if canTween then
      canTween = false
      -- do stuff
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See if i put it in each checkpoint the lag created would be insane since there would be like 200 scripts, so anyway i could reduce it to 1 or 2

Use collection service if you don’t want it to lag the whole game.

Woah Thanks, Just a few things i want to cover are, i want it to tween if its the next stage they need to go to, like for example. If they are on stage 1 and go to stage 3 by skipping stage 2 stage 3 wont tween, they need to do it in order.Any idea on how to implement that

Also For this How do i make it individual wont all the checkpoints tween