Cheekybones579"s Portfolio / LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO HIRE ME

Hello! I am cheekybones579. I’m a builder, scripter, and GFX Artist on roblox.

I am looking for someone to hire me. Here is Some Of my stuff:
Dune Buggy Driving: Dune Buggy Driving - Roblox

HWF (Hangout With Friends): [Development] Hangout with friends! - Roblox

Time Test: Time Test - Roblox

Oh yeah sorry! Here’s some of my GFX:

I charge 2000 - 3000R$ per game
And I charge 200R$ per GFX
I am open to negotiation

  1. no NSFW
  2. Nothing Inappropriate
  3. Please do not rush me.
    4 That’s it!

    Discord: Cheetoman#6300
    Youtube: CheekyDeveloper - YouTube
    Roblox: Cheekybones579 (Messages are open)

Hey! This is really cool, but it belongs in the #collaboration category! Also, mind showing examples of your GFX?

The ui doesn’t look appealing maybe change it

@richdefentt is right. The UI’s don’t look visually appealing. And houses also look quite bland. Maybe you should add more work here. So I can know what deal I am getting for myself. You know?

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Oh yeah sorry! Here’s some of my GFX:

I like your style. The first two I the ones I’d want to play. But the last one is not going to make me play. It just could not reach me. :no_mouth:


The last one was kind of a bummer too, the people who told me to work on the game didn’t pay me for it :confused:

Wait did you give it to them?!?! Do you watermark your GFX?!

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They cropped out the watermark…

I made GFX and a game for them

for these two

:rage: :triumph: Who would do such a thing did you report it? Can you reach a youtube who can talk about it like @KonekoKittenWasTaken. You should try a speak up about it! Can you tell me which game it was and can you link it?(If you are ok with it.).


I’m not really a person to start drama, but I kinda want to now? I spent hours on this game, maybe I’ll tweet him.

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Next time when you make GFX make sure to put a watermark across the image not just on the bottom. And make it big and bold!

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Still Open for hire!

Linked here

If you have anything to show us on your YouTube channel, it would be good to have a link here. YouTube has over 1B people using it daily, and there’s tons of accounts there, and it’s hard to find a specific one. It’s not your fault.

Thank you =)

Oh sorry here is my channel: CheekyDeveloper - YouTube
One of the vids on it: Lego Roblox Classics l Crossroads Tower - YouTube