Chess! Changelog

Chess! Changelog

Description limit was reached so I had to make this a post

02/01/2021 ~ Fixed bug where en passant was possible regardless of whether the victim pawn did en passant on the move before or not, added several AI difficulties, prevented castling in check and castling through check, highlighted played move

03/01/2021 ~ Added resigning, made Easy actually easy

06/01/2021 ~ Added moving and taking sound effects for pieces, as well as a click sound

07/01/2021 ~ Added win and loss sound effects, added sky

09/01/2021 ~ Fixed stalemate bug where opposite side would be able to stalemate themselves, added Learn section, added anti-engine

16/01/2021 ~ Fixed mobile bug where tapping would highlight the previously touched square instead of the current one. Made difficulties beatable

22/02/2021 ~ UI improvements, added music

24/04/2021 ~ Changed chess pieces and added freecam, fixed knight orientation and piece movement bug, shrinked down king slightly

26/04/2021 ~ Added board themes & 2D, as well as fun facts in the chat

27/04/2021 ~ Added music toggle in Settings and fixed click sfx

28/04/2021 ~ Added two easter eggs as well as half-working freecam for mobile

29/04/2021 ~ Added elo + matchmaking system, added materials to board themes & changed the skybox, added french translations, scaled down pieces

02/05/2021 ~ Added anti-cheating measures

02/09/2021 ~ Added checkmate effect and blinking square effect on check

30/12/2021 ~ Added rapid cadence(10min vs 10min), added VIP perks(cadence options)

31/12/2021 ~ Added spectating, fixed bug where finishing one game would prevent the player from playing another

01/01/2022 ~ Added puzzles.

13/02/2022 ~ UI overhaul, sleek material design. Fully prepared for March 22 audio update.