Chic Salon | Alliance Application

Welcome to Chic Salon’s Alliance Application! If you are willing to form an alliance with Chic, here contains all the information in doing so. Before answering our questions make sure your group fulfils our strict requirements. If your group does not fulfil all of our requirements there will be a high percentage that your application will be declined. Exceptions can be made but the exception is up to the discretion of the Head of Communications.


  1. Your group must have at least 5,000 members, with no more than 500 members being bots.

  2. Your group must be active.

  3. Your group must have a Discord Communications Server.

  4. Your group will be expected to announce our events, and things CS hosts where allies are involved.

  5. Your group must have a good reputation.

  6. Your staff must behave professionally, both in your group, and whilst visiting our facilities.

Termination of an Alliance:

We reserve the right to terminate any alliance that does not follow our requirements, this is a rare occasion, but the group must follow all of our requirements.

Alliance Application:

The below texted application is to be submitted to the Director of Communications for Chic Salon. Please send the application through Discord to luke.#2352 or any other communications member, they ask. Please know it may take a couple of days for us to determine whether we accept your alliance application or not. The Communications Server link is on the “Social Tabs” on our group page!

Make sure you have sent the alliance request through Group Admin before submitting the application!

  1. What is the group’s name?
  2. What is the group’s member count?
  3. List the usernames and Discord usernames of at least 2 representatives that we can contact in times necessary.
  4. How will this alliance benefit us?
  5. How will this alliance benefit your group?
  6. What is the link to your group’s Discord Server?

Thanks for showing interest in starting an alliance with us, and we look forward to working with you in the very nearer future.

Chic Salon

~Chic Salon Communications Department~

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