Chicago Partners of Medicine | Alliance Handbook Guidance


Greetings! Want to alliance with us? That is so thoughtfulness of yours, we are so happy you have decided to alliance within with us. We have indeed, an Terms of Services we ask you to following our stuff firstly before allying. But first, this is an small introductory of our Corporation:

Welcome to Chicago Medicine! This breakout group was founded in 2021, but it is having a new kick start in the year of 2023! As a group, we give players a passion that they will seek out in the real world while further learning about the medical field within ROBLOX. We are dedicated to teaching in a manner that welcomes one of all experience levels and expertise. Chicago Medicine focuses on the pediatric side of medicine and educates students to use their knowledge learned here, to treat patients in other medical groups. Certifications are given to those who complete the syllabus.

And now, please check within these categories for your needing to allying within with us:

CPOM | Alliance Requirements

30+ Discord Members & 50+ Roblox Members.
0 history of free-ranking history.
0 history/currently of selling Administrative gamepasses. (MR+, Severe Admin,ect.)
No history/currently group drama.
Community must have atleast 2+ Public Relations Department Members.
Community must be in good hands.

yes, we indeed do give exceptions if your application is high-detailed & high-detailed grammar.

CPOM | FAQ of General

⤜Does your group accept ?Fan Groups, Commission Groups, ect*?

⟶ No, we do not accept these types of Groups. But, we do accept groups that are: Cafes, Daycares, Hospitals, Restaurants, Bakery, Salons, Hotels, and more.

⤜We have caught your representatives very unproffesionalism and been breaking our rules, we might have to terminate this partnership and might blacklist your Corporation group.

⟶ Before you do that, we are EXTREMELY on our behalf of what happened. Please contact fwntsywrld in Dis to tell what has happened within proof, your rules, and more. We would take action instantly, we thank you as well for telling this.

⤜May you do our Annoucements that we required to do.

⟶ Thank you for telling us you have an Annoucement you want me to do, but we must ask you to firstly ping us on your format & more. After that, we may annouce your Annoucement. We also hope you do the same within our Group as well.

⤜I did not found my FAQ General Questions, who may I contact?

⟶ Please open an Ticket, an Public Relations Staff+ inside of our Communications Server would assist you as well.

Thank you for checking this out, please open an Ticket to request an partnership once you have finished reading this.

Vice President