Chiller's Restaurant | Content Creator Program

Chiller’s Restaurant Content Creator program

Introducing the brand new, “Content Creator Program”.
Being apart of this program within Chiller’s is a privilege, not a right! In order to be in this program you must meet the following requirements listed below… Subject to change

  1. 100+ Subscribers
  2. Little to no inappropriate language or content.
  3. Positive Community
  4. At least 3 videos a month.
  5. 10k+ views all time
  6. At least 60 views per video.
  7. At least one video featuring the game/and or group.

Creator Guidelines

While being an enrolled Content Creator you must abide by these guidelines while playing our games.

  • By playing the game and recording gameplay you agree to not falsely accuse us of anything.

  • By talking about our game you agree to deliver criticism in an unbiased manner.

  • You agree that you are liable for anyone of your viewers hacking our game directly under your influence

  • You agree that you are to never claim anything in game as yours

Creator Perks

  • Occasional items sent to you to be given away
  • In game admin
  • Early Access to games/and or events
  • Shout out on our group wall, and communications server!


Please follow the template below to apply for the program. When you’re ready to apply, DM the completed template to our Chief operations officer+ in our Communication’s server.

  1. YouTube/Platform channel name & link:
  2. Subscribers/Followers:
  3. What is your general impression of our group, & game?
  4. Why should you be accepted into the program?