Chocolatiez ®️ Public Handbook!

Welcome to the Public Handbook of Chocolatiez, every member has access to this guide. Copying this handbook will result in a external report and a immediate blacklist from our group. If you have any questions, feel free to use our support system in the communications server.

Chocolatiez is a Roblox café founded by bloodpwrint (Chloe) and co-founded by Blacksquad_Official (Kathir/Kat). Chocolatiez is here to give users a unforgettable and enjoyable experience within a Café Roleplay. We are releasing MR Applications every start of the month!

:link: Important Links

Roblox Group

Chocolatiez - Roblox

Communications Server (13+)


:briefcase: Departments

Departments are here to ensure the operations of our group. We now have 3 departments currently in Chocolatiez!

Human Resources Department

This department is here to deal anything staff-related, this means any demotions, promotions, terminations and much more! The department lead is Xiyqy, while the co-lead being fivestrvsss.

Public Relations Department

This department is here for the engagement of the community and the managing of partnerships/affiliates. This means they can host events, mass-shifts, hold alliance visits and much more! The department lead would be starqlzzz, while the co-lead is csveoz.

Development Department

This department is in-charge of all games, game passes and shirts that they created. They are developing our group stuff, the head developer would be SxmplyJythyy.

:clipboard: Ranks Category

Every rank is in a category! This exists to keep everything more organized and to keep everyone in track. Feel free to read the description of every rank. If you have any questions, feel free to open a ticket!

Non-staff Ranks
  • Customer; A normal customer and group member within Chocolatiez.

  • Suspended; Someone being suspended for a certain time, due to their previous actions.

  • Allied Representative; A public relations officer of our allied/partnered group.

  • Noted Customer; A honorable member.

Low Ranks (LRs)
  • Trainee Barista; Can only be receptionist and should to get a promotion via trainings or promotional shifts to have more unlocked features.

  • Junior Barista → Head Barista; Able to make orders and attend trainings or promotional shifts for a promotion.

  • Helper; Last LR rank, you must be in discord to obtain this rank, could eventually get noticed by the Human Resources Department for a promotion. But mostly, the only way to get promoted is to apply for an MR rank via our monthly applications or mass shifts (hosted by the Public Relations Department).

Middle Ranks (MRs)
  • Café Supervisor; First MR rank to get, only promoted to it via MR applications or mass shifts. They can also assist in trainings!

  • Assistant Manager; Manages the restaurant as an assistant manager and making sure anything goes on track.

  • Café Manager; Can flex as an manager here at Chocolatiez and moderates the game alongside with the other MRs.

  • Staff Coordinator; Last MR rank and can host trainings, their next rank would be Executive Intern(HR).

High Ranks (HRs - Department Junior Members)
  • Executive Intern; First HR rank, currently doing the department internship. Able to pban/ban!

  • Executive Assistant → Executive Officer; A regular department and HR member.

Super High Ranks (SHRs - Department Senior Members)
  • Junior Corporate; Would be the first SHR rank, only people from Executive Officer is able to get promoted to it. Will be only given, if they have been promoted to Senior Department Officer in their Department.

  • Senior Corporate; Last SHR rank, the most experienced administration member from all MRs/HRs.

  • Junior Developer; Only given to those who has been specially hired to develop stuff to our groups.

Leadership Team (LT)
  • Senior Developer; Only given to someone who is trusted. They manage the Roblox and discord bot and website/datastore.

  • Head Developer; Only given to someone who is the Chief of Development, this means basically they are in-charge of every stuff that has been developed for us.

  • Chief Corporate Officer; Someone who is co-leading a department. All reports against a department member must be forwarded to a Co-Lead or Lead!

  • Group Manager; Someone who is leading a department. All reports against a department member must be forwarded to a Co-Lead or Lead.

  • President → Chairwoman; Overseer of all departments and owning the group.

:question: Basic Questions

☕ How should I behave when a customer is coming up to me and they order something?

When you are a cashier, make sure to greet them correctly. There is no specific format, but make sure to create something related Chocolatiez.

A example would be: “{:bubble_tea:} Thank you for choosing Chocolatiez! What would you like to order? We now have 3 items! Look at our menu and see what we have!”

Once the order has been stated make sure to ask them for anything else. A customer can order up to 3 items. If they are trying to exceed the order limit, ask them politely to order only 3 items.

If they have confirmed the order, then you may submit it via our GUI by clicking on the Register. Once you have submitted it, someone who is a Junior Barista+ will claim the order and do it. They will be also handing the items, which means you don’t have to wait for them to finish the order.

Now you may do the closing, which would be asking the customer to take a seat and wait for someone to come-up with their order.

Here is a example: “Thanks for ordering at Chocolatiez. Someone will be preparing your order and handing it to you, have a nice day!”

And now you can take the next order.

☕ Where can I report a staff member? (LR/MR)

You must open a ticket via our support system and then wait someone from the Human Resources Department to deal with it further.

☕ Where can I report a department member? (HR+)

You must contact the department co/lead via direct-messages. This is the only way to report someone from the HR+ Team.

☕ How can I rank up at Chocolatiez?

As a low rank member, you need to attend trainings, or promotional shifts! As a Helper, you need to get noticed by our Human Resources Department. To see our times for trainings please go to our game or Communications Server!