Choosing certain words to name a game?

Alright, so we’ve all heard this before, that adding “simulator” to a name will increase visits to the game. I find that lacks personality, and I don’t necessarily want to do that.

Would the advantage of adding “Simulator” to a name like “Magic Simulator” be a big enough advantage compared to simply naming it like “Magic: The Gathering” or etc?

I would highly prefer naming a game with something that has personality compared to just slapping the simulator tag and calling it a day. On the note of the tags to add, are there any other words that increase visits to a game?

While there are many simulators on the popular list, I suggest you name your game something else. This is because unless your game makes it to the popular list no one will find it by searching ‘simulator’.

Also make sure the title explains the name. For example, magic simulator gives me the impression of being a magician vs magic the gathering is a card game and makes the game sound more serious.