Chronophobia - Devlog #2

Chronophobia - Devlog #2

Hey! It’s me again, with another devlog.

So in this update, I added:

• A typewriter effect so the character in game can communicate with the player
• An objective system
• An alert system
• A door so you can actually get out of the damn lobby thing (right now it just fades to black but I’ll make it teleport the player later im lazy)
• An inventory system
• A key so you can actually open the damn door to get out of the damn lobby thing

I plan on implementing the day/night and time system later on.

You can actually try out the game for yourself if you like. Please note that this is a very early pre-alpha version and bugs will be, of course, present.

If you want you can critique the game and respond with bugs that need fixing.

Game link: Chrono-phobia - Roblox


i know my ui design is trash dont bully me :frowning:


is it suppost to be “here”


i know, i screenshotted it while it was doing the typewriter effect so it looks like that. in the game, it’s spelt right lmao

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I’m also bad at UI’s but I think putting a translucent box to hold the typewriter text will look nice while the objective UI to be translucent black box holding it too just a suggestion though.

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@iceking_gfx here

it’s privated

( ahsd charsssssssssssss)

I private it @iceking_gfx :neutral_face: :+1:

I tried twice and both times i spawned out of the map on the roof for some reason

That shouldn’t be happening. It works fine for me?

Edit: It’s bc you played while I was testing out an update. A bug glitched you off the map. Everything’s fixed now. :slightly_smiling_face:

This game has an interesting concept. It makes me curious as to what the rest of the story is. Maybe some improvements could be instead of lighting up the area around the player you could keep the room dark, but make the fireplace a light source or add another dim light on the ceiling. Maybe you could add some more details around the room too? I like the game anyways!

If you wanna get better here’s some tips:

Use UIcorner, It’s a little object you put into a gui frame, button whatever, and that now has corners.

Don’t use the DEFAULT font, I recommend using Gotham, and it’s variants, specially Gotham black.

Disable the sides outline. They’re ugly. That’s it.

Make UI Elements translucent. Especially menus. To do that you can use BackgroundTransparency, and set it to .25 for example.

This tip won’t fit into this game BUT i recommend also using Tween Service to make UI transitions and stuff.

Your seems seems like a really good game. That’s just some tips for you to improve UI’s.

I actually used Roboto, but I can see were you’re coming from. Thanks for the advice!

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I’m thinking of adding like a lantern tool later on in the game. Thanks for the advice!