ChuckXZ(Better Portfolio) | Scripter & UI Designer!


Greetings my fellow Devforum members! You most likely don’t know me, but I am ChuckXZ and the last post I made for a portfolio was poorly done and wasn’t done in a serious manner. I am making a much more sophisticated post since the old one was horrid, and because my newest game flopped.

About Me

I’m 18 and have been scripting since late 2013 and doing UI since 2016. Both I consider my primary skills, however I also do a bit of music production, building, and vector art, but I don’t consider myself good in those areas. My UI style is the common rounded corners style you see a lot these days.

Where I Struggle

  • Intense math(anything past Algebra)
  • Physics and Constraints

Where I’m strong

  • Anything not in the struggle section

Work Examples


As the scripter(and most likely UI designer/scripter) I want 40% of the game’s earnings, no less. I do not require any upfront costs to get started.


Discord: Aidan#5633


Beautiful work.


I’ve worked with Aidan before. An amazing developer and a trustworthy friend. I recommend him full heartedly.


Cant add you on Discord for some reason! Please add me: Truth#9536

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I want to work with you, please add me on disc, DevJolly is lonely#2608

Hey your discord doesn’t seem to be working, here’s mine if you’re still open to projects

Discord: Isero15360#4142