Church of Decay | Update Log

The Outerlands: v0.1

February 22nd, 2021

  • Fixed Music Stuttering
  • Fixed Nature’s Wrath damage
  • Fixed Beam of Despair
  • Fixed Rose Theme
  • Fixed not being able to see ranks
  • Fixed Rose Monster
  • Fixed Rose not regaining petals
  • Fixed OoS able to use “open thy eye”
  • Fixed Arm Snatch
  • Fixed :place and :makeserver command.
  • Fixed open and /restore needing to be in public chat. (You can use it in team chat now.)
  • Ragdoll removed. (Was causing memory leaks and isn’t needed anymore)
  • Fixed Red Room Door
  • Fixed locks on surgery tables
  • Fixed Crawly only giving one soul.
  • The staff now auto places the person you’re carrying and auto locks them to the surgery table.
  • Citizens should now not be able to talk in team chat or use mask or have a weapon.
  • Only Laity+ should have open thy eye now.
  • Should have fixed creatures sometimes getting stuck in the air.
  • Relic plots should be fixed. (If they are not then message Serieko)
  • Added new Dammed masks
  • Added new divisionless masks
Update: The Outerlands

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After many months, the Church of Decay is proud to introduce the latest installment to our horrific genre. The Outerlands.

-New uniforms added for LR, MR, HR, SHR, Owner
-Deer Masks updated from original Horse Masks
-New ranks added and created to the group
-Academy added
-Open Thy Eye added


-Health buff from 100, to 125
-Increased range of the Greatsword
-New Greatsword model added
-New Wretched Helmet added

-Decrepit sub division added
-Court room added
-Decrepit animations added
-Decrepit mask added

-Sacrificial dagger added
-Syringe given to Esoteric, for mutations
-Access to the Science Ward
-Given Staff temporarily until the Bag is added

-Academy wing added
-Combat wing added
-Surgery ward added
-Surgery added
-Access to the Science Ward
-Access to performing Surgery
-/Academy command created

-Complete revamp of the Throne Room
-Old Meirkien removed, replaced with statues
-Thrones revamped, new thrones added
-New tables and chairs added
-New Original Sound Tracks across the game
-Senophis added to the woods, Father Fury being added to his drop pool
-Surgery added
-The Rose event added
-Book added to gain sanity
-Strengthening added to gain sanity
-Bodies no longer stay on the ground once drained
-Mobile support added
-Entire terrain and map reduced
-Low poly trees added
-Court room added
-The Gathering removed
-Chamber of Screams added
-The Altar Room added
-Shop and Shop Menu added
-Settings button added
-In game rules and how to play button added
-Inventory added
-Cosmetic inventory added
-Crate inventory added
-Pianos added
-Event raids
-Event bosses
-Hand added to the heartless corridor
-Monster transformation using syringe