Cind_r || Commissions Open!

Hey guys! I’m finally re-opening for some commissions again.

I’ll only be taking on 3 commissions currently, 2 Small pieces, and 1 Commercial/Large piece*.
*I will not be doing ANY UI work, I can do minimal UI design in photoshop. I am not a coder, I’m purely an artist and with that, can only make things in art programs.

Please keep in mind, my primary design style is modern and clean, I really don’t stray away from that and with that, I am not that good with small details, I.E Wood grain, medieval design styles, etc.

Small Pieces - $25 (If multiple, $15/piece)

ROBUX PRICE: R$9,500 [Group funds only], Multiple will be $5,000 each.
*Robux prices are 33% higher than their direct USD counterpart, amounts were rounded down.

Commercial/Large Project - $16/hr (Or at flate rate starting at $150, this can go up depending on complexity.)

ROBUX PRICE: R$: 64,284

*Robux prices are 50% higher than their direct USD counterpart, amount are exact, rounding up/down is fine.


Small Pieces:

[This is a colour pallet used on a Reference Sheet.]
[This was a set of Emojis for Mullets, there is more to the set]

Commercial/Large Projects


Temporary Terms of Service, by commissioning me you agree to these terms below

Payment is due as soon as a commission is accepted.

Commercial projects will have a 1-3 Month timeframe for completion depending on the size.

All smaller projects will have a 1-3 Weeks timeframe for completion.

Refunds are only available if I see fit. Full refunds will only be issued if I myself don’t believe I can finish the project in a reasonable timeframe, or it was too complicated for and I didn’t realise it. Other than that, partial refunds will be given if you decide at the review phase. Small projects do not have a review phase and are not subject to refunds unless I issue one.

Commercial pieces, if stated prior to me starting work, can be resold for profit, used in marketing, and do not require credit (Although a shout out/credit is much appreciated). Any smaller pieces that are intended to be used commercially will have a $50 flat fee for licensing.

Failure to abide by these terms will result in being blacklisted from commissioning me.


I’ve updated the post with Robux prices. Which may seem steep, which is partially due to the fact I prefer USD over Robux, so my Robux prices are inflated to cover any extra fees, as well as the chance of a declined devex.

I understand that these prices are steep, but these are very steep. Many people make pieces of similar quality for under R$1000 and I feel that 10,716 is honestly ridiculous. Also, 1-3 months for a piece of this is a bit long if someone is willing to pay as much robux as you charge. And the licencing is ridiculous, as the commission is a commission for a reason and you’re charging $50 Flat for someone to even use your design commercially! That’s ridiculous! I wouldn’t hire you and I don’t know if many others would either. Around $65 for a simple icon with licencing is ridiculous and I’d highly recommend you have a look at the competition for work like this and adjust your prices more accordingly.

I’m not sure I agree with all of Lolaphobia’s points, as I feel that $150 as a flat starting rate for large projects can be completely reasonable. However, the $75 starting rate for small commercial pieces, given that many of the buyers on the forums pay commissions for business, makes this is a little concerning.

Just glancing at the three example small pieces you provided, it’s difficult to justify paying $75 when you can hire someone like i5k who does high-detail icon renders for similar pricing.
It might take a while for you to find people with the amount of capital and desire to afford this starting price.

Ultimately, you have some really promising work shown in the large projects tab, and I think you offer some really unique designs. I’m excited to see what other large projects you complete in the future as the brochures and pamphlets are very impressive.

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I can understand this, and you have a point there. I do base my prices on real world work I’ve done, so they are a bit steep compared to most roblox artist.

This is actually a very reasonable time-frame for a large project. I have a job in real life and can only work on art a few days a week. For something that’s more detailed and more time consuming, it’s gonna take a while.

My robux prices are heavily inflated, and I stated that. I prefer USD, but offer Robux for those who can’t pay USD but still would like a commission. I may lower them a tad, currently they are priced 50% more than what the direct USD counterpart (devex rates) is of the USD price of commissions.

I’ll adjust the small commission prices a bit more, and adjust commercial pricing for it (or remove it entirely for Roblox users only). My large commercial projects won’t be modified further though, my prices are based off actual prices I myself have charged clients in the past.

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