City Loader plugin not working. Fixes and/or alternatives?

-Sorry if this is the wrong category-

Hey all, I am currently working on an FPS game, I had the terrain imported using paricdil’s City Loader plugin. Unfortunately, I have to change the area that the game is set (turns out a small town of just 1’500 people is still TOO large for 1 person to build), I was going to import new terrain, but, the plugin isn’t working anymore

  • The issue:

Whenever I click on the plugin, normally it gives me the link to the website, where I can then find the terrain to import. Now, it just says “creating session”, normally it will say loading, then it just gives me the link, but not this time. It has been like this for hours.

  • Solutions I have tried:

I have restarted studio, used different places, uninstalled and re-installed the plugin, nothing fixes it.

I am wondering if it is broken, if the service it uses is temporarily down, or the plugin is out of date (was using it just a few days ago though).

I am wondering what solutions you guys have to the problem, or if there are any alternatives to City Loader?

It may be out of date, I know that he stopped supporting his road maker plug-in not sure if he’s done the same with that. Bare in mind that the loader only provides building outlines and road outlines, you will have to mess about with it!

There aren’t any alternatives as far as i’m aware, however you can try a few things:

  • Join his discord server (it’s called something like paric’s potatoes)
  • Go straight to the map website, can’t remember if a code is needed, I haven’t used that plug-in in ages.
  • Message the creator, just make sure he actually wants messages first through his status.

If it doesn’t work, I would use a screenshot of the map, scale it up massively in studio and then use that.