City Loader Plugin - Templates for Real Life Buildings/Cities in Studio

A few people wanted to use my open source City Explorer to load buildings into studio to help recreate them, so I created a plugin to make it easier.

This plugin lets you select an area up to ~30 square miles which will then be rendered into your Studio session using open source road/building data from and terrain data from Nextzen.

Install the plugin:


This plugin is like… omg.
I can literally go anywhere in the world and just put the map on Roblox. This is absolutly amazing :smile:


You sure this is real?!


This will be so helpful for me to quickly make buildings. Thank you, thank you so much!

Edit 2021: Anyone seeing this, I was pretty new to the devforum and didn’t understand this specific rule (to like instead of replying).


Omg im going to do so much with this Thanks so Much!


Wow. This is very impressive, I can see this being used in various games across the platform.


Not sure if it’s just me, but of the ~10 attempts I’ve made to get buildings, I’ve only gotten them to render in studio twice.


include the output window error message if there is one

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There aren’t any errors, it just stops printing the rate limit stuff after I select the place I want on the website. My friend is also having this issue.

Edit: I’m not sure if this occurred while choosing the area, but I have gotten a possibly unrelated error


I mean…impressive, I just can’t MOVE anything.

I used the original building render code which uses ear clipping to fill the polygon but the algorithm has some glitches like this so I’m gonna switch it to just making a hollow model using the walls that will be easier to manipulate for this purpose.

This is truly amazing work. Thank you!

I’m getting a ton of errors:

Amazing! I’m going to use this for a city game

Wow i don’t know what to say, this is an amazing plugin!

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but all I get is just a folder with nothing else. No building, nothing.



this is amazing! reshanie delivers yet again, I can tell you’re trying to remove the boundary between real life build, however, it seems that on the map, the “chunks” sometimes turn completely gray, and won’t load until you refresh the page and try again.

edit: seems to happen when you zoom in too much, and then zoom out?

edit2: when I was finally able to use the web interface, i selected a building in, and nothing happened, I got the folder, but nothing was rendered, just like @CarlPIandog

edit3: got an error after a while, before this there was just the usual ok http requests, nothing out of the ordinary

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Same here. I dont know why. 30 char


I’ve tried this over 10 times now, and have had no luck. Could you post some instructions, in case we are doing it wrong?


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This is a bug in the underlying HTTP lib that I’m using. Fixing it right now, however it should work the second time you try it for now.

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I knew that was Atlanta once I saw the interchange on the thumbnail. This plugin is great and will really speed up the process when I’m making scenery for my games.

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