City Wingz | Hiring a Resturant Builder


My name is splxhy.
I am a fellow cafe builder + a modeler on this platform known as ROBLOX.
Due to my group needing a new restaurant/cafe building, and me being unavailable due to commission orders, I would need someone else to do it for these reasons.

What we are looking for

Me being the owner, and the general opinion of the community, we would like a contemporary modern build. With a map very simple of a beach, and some vegetation.
We would not like anything bright, rather something with a warm, sunset kind of feel to the customers and staff. Along with this, other addons we would like to say is the color scheme being orange, light orange, white, and dark gray. This build will not be too large, rather a small to medium range. We wouldn’t want anything too flashy to the viewer and rather as said a modern contemporary build.


Although there is one example, this is almost exactly what we are aiming for.
The brightness, coloring, etc. is what we are looking for.

My co-owner will be paying for this build, and me possibly pitching in.
The offering is:
:robux_gold: 3-5k

Prices may be negotiable. ^^
With this, we are mostly looking toward doing T-shirt funds.
Only until the build has been halfway finished will we fund the money.
However, under circumstances, that can be adjusted.

If you are interested, you may DM me here on the DevForum, or Discord via:

Thank you for reading this, and do consider having examples or experience before this. If you have any comments/concerns, be free to comment or DM me with either one of those communication methods above.


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