Class Fighting Game Design

Hey everyone, I’m trying to make a round based class fighting game right now, is my design of the game good enough?

Basically every time a player joins, I instance a folder on the player called “ClassFolder” where whenever a round starts, I put the scripts of the class they chose inside of that folder(Knight, Archer, etc) and clear all of the children of that folder after the round is finished. Is this a bad way of doing this?

Also, should I use UserInputService or ContextActionService for handling the attacks of each class?

That should work. Though, the scripts won’t run if they’re directly in the player, but that’s probably not what you meant. Putting those sorts of scripts in the backpack is a common practice.

For your purposes ContextActionService will most likely be better. I like UserInputService better if keys will correspond to more than 1 action in different situations (such as predefined combos), but I’m assuming your game wouldn’t need to be that complicated.

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