CLASSIFIED: New Coder for Terminal Railways

Good evening, everyone!

My current longtime friend and coder for Terminal Railways has hinted his future departure from our development team, as he is looking to tackle larger projects. I’m looking around in advance for somebody who is trustworthy and reliable who knows moderate levels of code to make the game run at its best.

About the game:
Terminal Railways is a collaboration nearly 5 years in the making in which players control trains around a large map. A new system is in place where players can pick up passengers at stations and deliver cargo to earn credits that they can then save up and buy more trains and cool features with! We have over 50 trains from around the world and counting.

The returns:
An average month of revenue for the coder’s rank easily allows them to DevEx at least the basic level of robux. We work on a large team and gather ideas from other developers who have contributed assets such as scenery or trains for the map. We are a tight-knit group who cares very much about our players, and we welcome anyone willing to be a part of this great project.

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