Cleaned up audio best I can

hello robloxians its been a while since I posted and I wanted to let you know I’m uploading this audio that took my for ever to clean up and hope it gets on roblox I got warned twice from it previously 1 because bad language and 2 distortion it was louder then I intended and I really cleaned up I hope this goes through and I don’t get banned also I listened to the first bit with the talking I couldn’t really hear any swearing but I don’t like the aggressiveness in it but I cant find any around that which sucks. :frowning:

feel free to let me know if this is good enough i am waiting to see feedback to upload i really dont wanna be banned

This is really loud.
This audio has a loudness of -5 LUFS integrated. In contrast, Spotify streams audio at just -14.8.

Why is 48Hz at nearly 4 dB?

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i have no clue i just changed the length of it from wear profanities came in

ok so 1 on the list right now is to lower the volume but so far you think its safe to upload besides volume?

You should probably track down the original song.
It may be under copyright.

If you didn’t create this song, you can’t upload it.

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