Click to teleport to friend GUI

Hello, I was wondering, what would make my game better… And you know what I thought? I thought making a friend teleporter would help me a lot, I’ve been trying to figure out how I can make it by my self, but nothing really worked. It may be because I have no experience with making teleporter stuff-


There is already service called SocialService in roblox

EDIT: My bad thought you wanted give invitation code sorry, use @EmeraldLimes advice

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I suggest using Player:GetFriendsAsync() and/or Player:IsFriendsWith() to get the friends in game, and using Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame() to set the Player.Character to a friend’s position

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It’s fine! Thank you for trying to help.

This actually helped me a lot, thank you.

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Are you trying to teleport teleport players to their friends in the game or out of the game?