ClickDetectors put into table, how do I have the script check when each one is clicked?

I’m trying to make a system that checks when each clickdetector in a table is clicked. There are eight ClickDetectors total.

How would I get the script to initiate a function when each one is clicked?

This is the function in the script that inserts the ClickDetectors into the table:

for _,v in pairs(FuelControls:GetDescendants()) do
	if v:IsA("ClickDetector") then
		table.insert(ClickDetectors, v)

"FuelControls" is a model named "PLFuel". There are other models parented inside of it that are numerically named. Those models have the ClickDetectors within them (image shows only the models):


(The NumberValue in "PLFuel" is meant to increase by one whenever one of the ClickDetectors are clicked.)

Is there a way to get every ClickDetector, 1-8, in the table, store them somewhere else, and then check when each one is clicked?

You can make a loop, to check when a ClickDetector is clicked; and then add a value to PLFuel Value.


for i, clickdetector in ipairs(ClickDetectors) do
    game.PLFuel.Value += 1 --If you have a variable with PLFuel add that.

Edit: I’d made a mistake it’s not Connect it’s Once, I’ve fixed it thanks to @TheNexusAvenger

You can check more about ClickDetectors at this Roblox Documentation:

Assuming there is a table named ClickDetectors that is a list of the ClickDetectorss, my first thought is to use Once on all the click events to increment a counter and then call some sort of function when that total matches the total ClickDetectors. Once will automatically disconnect the event after it is used, preventing multiple clicks on a single ClickDetector from incrementing the counter.

--Initialization code above with the ClickDetectors table

local PLFuel = game.Workspace.PLFuel --Update the reference to PLFuel. It should start at 0.
for _, ClickDetector in ClickDetectors do --pairs isn't required in Luau for iterating over a table. pairs(ClickDetectors) can be used for the same results.
		PLFuel.Value += 1 --Increment the counter when the ClickDetector is clicked.
		if PLFuel.Value ~= #ClickDetectors then return end --Only call the function if the counter has reached the total ClickDetectors.
		print("All ClickDetectors clicked!")

What would that look like, if you don’t mind me asking?

As said on the previous post.


Be aware of Connect vs Once in this context. From the initial post:

Using Connect will make that counter increment for every mouse click. 8 mouse clicks on 1 input will appear the same as 1 mouse click on 8 inputs because it is a single counter.

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