Clicking a textbutton will make a player's StarterCharacterScript disabled to false

So I tried really hard to create a script that goes like this.

For example, I inserted a double jump script into StarterCharacterScripts. But it is disabled. But, if a player clicks a textbutton, that player will enable the double jump script.

(A player clicks a textbutton, it will make the localscript in the StarterCharacterScripts of the player who clicked the button being Disabled = false.)

But the problem I am facing is that, if a player clicks a textbutton, all the players will have the localscript in thier StarterCharacterScripts enabled.

And I don’t know how to save it, so the player doesn’t need to click a second time.

Any help is appreciated!

if you mean that if a single player clicks the button then all players have their scripts enabled then you should just change the script state for the local character only, doing it is really simple:

local char = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character
char.DoubleJump.Disabled = false

Note that it should be done from a localscript as you’re working on GUI

also note that StarterCharacterScripts is a service designed for setting the scripts inside the character before running the game.
To change those scripts you have to acces the character not the service, hope this cleared you some doubts

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this helped.
I was also trying to make whoever has a StarterCharacterScript enabled save after exiting the game.