Client Core Patches

I heard there is an Exploit that players can fake other players, and mess up the admin system for there game or group.

Roblox needs to patch it now this is way too far for it not to be patched.

You will need the following

  • Script in the server script storage
  • A Discord Webhook

How to make discord webhooks:
Once you put that script in the ServerScriptStorage, here’s the code

local Configuration = {
	DiscordWebhook_Id = "", -- Your discord webhook id.

local HttpService = game:GetService('HttpService')
local PlayerService = game:GetService('Players')

local function SendData(ExploiterUserId,ExploiterName,ExploitUsed)
	local Data = {
		["embeds"] = {{
			["description"] =  "**__Exploiter Information__**\nUserId: "..ExploiterUserId.."\nUsername: "..ExploiterName.."\n**__Exploit Information__**\nExploit Used: "..ExploitUsed,
      		["color"] = 14357010,
      		["author"] = {
        		["name"] = "AE - Exploit Found"
      		["footer"] = {
       		 	["text"] = game.Name.." - Anti Exploit System"
      		["timestamp"] =
  			["avatar_url"] ""

	local UserData
	local GotData,Error = pcall(function()
		UserData = HttpService:JSONDecode(HttpService:GetAsync(''..Player.UserId))
	if GotData and UserData then
		local RealId = UserData.Id
		local RealName = UserData.Username
		if Player.UserId ~= RealId then
			SendData(RealId,RealName,'Changed there UserId')
			Player:Kick('why are you always crying why are you always crying why are you always crying')
		elseif Player.Name ~= RealName then
			SendData(RealId,RealName,'Changed there Username')
			Player:Kick('why are you always trying to bully my game')
		elseif Player.DisplayName ~= RealName then
			SendData(RealId,RealName,'Changed there DisplayName')
			Player:Kick('never going to give you up never going to give you do never going to turn around and diserve you never going to let you cry never say goodbye never going to turn around and hurt you')
		elseif Player.CharacterAppearanceId ~= RealId then
			SendData(RealId,RealName,'Changed there DisplayName')
			Player:Kick('do u know what 9-2 is or -9-2*2x1*/9')

Also, Since Roblox does not let us use there API for some reason we have to use another website.


Roblox patched this exploit yesterday.


If exploiters bypass it this is good

What I mean this is good, the script I provided to patch this.

That check will never really do anything as you are already querying the API with the UserId that the player joined with.

I love the little kick messages lol