Client not replicating animation stopping to other players

Hello, I am making a crouch system, but I have an issue where if you uncrouch, the crouching animation still plays for the other players and it seems like it doesn’t replicate the :Stop().

can you show snippet of code? or atleast explain the process of how/where you load the animation and stop it

I use the animate script.

	if attri == "Crouching" then
		if Figure:GetAttribute(attri) >= 1 then
			animTable["idle"][1].anim.AnimationId = CrouchIdle
			animTable["walk"][1].anim.AnimationId = CrouchWalk
			playAnimation("walk", 0.1, Humanoid)
			playAnimation("idle", 0.1, Humanoid)
			script:WaitForChild("idle").Animation1.AnimationId = CrouchIdle
			script:WaitForChild("run").RunAnim.AnimationId = CrouchWalk
			script:WaitForChild("walk").WalkAnim.AnimationId = CrouchWalk
			script:WaitForChild("idle").Animation2.AnimationId = CrouchIdle
			animTable["idle"][1].anim.AnimationId = ""
			animTable["walk"][1].anim.AnimationId = ""
			playAnimation("walk", 0.1, Humanoid)
			playAnimation("idle", 0.1, Humanoid)
		script:WaitForChild("walk").WalkAnim.AnimationId = ""
			script:WaitForChild("idle").Animation2.AnimationId = ""
			script:WaitForChild("idle").Animation1.AnimationId = ""
			script:WaitForChild("run").RunAnim.AnimationId = ""

try stopping animations prior to changing the ids to the normal idle and walking animations (assuming thats what they r)

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