Client Side Projectile Hit Detection on Server

I’m trying to create a projectile (using FastCast) that renders and shows effects on the client to make it smooth and not be affected due to lag. The issue I’m facing is how I can safely detect hits and damage the enemy. I’ve tried using RemoteEvents on hit but exploiters can easily spam the remote event and kill everyone.

How can I detect projectile hits through the server while letting projectile render on the client?

set it up so that the fastcast for the server is similar to the layout of how you render projectiles on the client, but when you’re firing a caster server-sided, make sure to remove anything that corresponds with CosmeticBulletObject.


local cast = self.Caster:Fire(
				RaycastParams = raycastParams;
				MaxDistance = range;
				Acceleration = acceleration;
				HighFidelitySegmentSize = 0.5;
				HighFidelityBehavior = 1;
				AutoIgnoreContainer = false;
               --notice how there isn't a property related to the CosmeticBulletObject?