Client sided Chunks & Hostile NPCs

Apologies for lack of details however I’m on the midnight shift at work and just brain-storming!

Hi, I’ve currently been working on different ways that I could introduce Hostile NPCs into a Chunk rendering system.

The idea is the Chunk system is entirely Client-Sided so the Player can visit different areas of the worlds I am creating but upon visiting they can battle NPCs to increase their Level, Obtain loot etc. etc.

The most recent method that’s come to mind:

  • The Players each have a StringValue within themselves determining which Chunk they’re in. For example: “Chunk01”; “Chunk02”; “Chunk03”.

  • The Server loops through to see who / if anyone is in a corresponding Chunk - If so, it will Spawn and NPC and :SetNetworkOwner to the Player in the chunk and if they leave, either jumps onto the NEXT Player in the chunk OR removes itself.

My reason for doing this would be collision - As one is Client and the other is Server; the NPC naturally falls through the parts as they’re non-existent. I have tried messing around with CollisionGroupIDs but got no-where, unfortunately.