Client to Server Instancing

There was a question that I came up with recently that I haven’t been able to determine yet. So, I’m coming to the forum with this question as it could be important:

For some insight into why I need to know this:
I will be constructing a new game later in the future and a server side sanity check I came up with was to get the distance between an object and a player. However, if the client creates an object that is NOT created by the server, how will that affect the server?

The Question:
For Roblox Objects (such as BaseParts, MeshParts, WedgeParts, etc.), will the object replicate to the server in one of these ways when fired by a remote event, function, etc. (anything that allows a client-server communication to take place):

  • The object is replicated client - server and is rendered on the server.
  • The object is replicated client - server as a metatable and is NOT rendered.
  • The object is not replicated client - server.

So, in short, my question is how an object will replicate to the server from the client.

Your question is answered by the last paragraph of this article: