[CLOED][NOT HIRING] Hiring Builder For Escape Room Game

Sorry, we are no longer hiring


what the title to make for escape room???

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Havent came up with one yet, why do you ask?

each escape room need a title or else it is not the same as the given title

I mean 2-3 weeks for ten maps is quite a lot.

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I’m interested I sent you a friend request on discord.

I agree, If you want to make a high quality game you need 3+ months to both program and build. I recommend you change this to stop people from complaining, other then that the post is good and should gain some sort of viewing.


Could I see examples of the game’s build style?

Also, what do you do to make this game big & not make it a copy of Ultraw’s escape room?

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I have been building IOS game + Roblox games for over 9 years, I have leart not to name the game untill its done.

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oh wow that sound good i dont know if im enough good to make a map

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