Cloned Model Deletes Randomly?

Hello, I am trying to make a model clone itself into a folder located in the game Workspace.

The issue is that after about 5 seconds of loading into the game, the model randomly deletes.

--// VARIABLES \\--

local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local LoadEvent = ReplicatedStorage.Events.LoadEvent
local DeLoad = ReplicatedStorage.Events.DeLoad
local PlotBaseEvent = ReplicatedStorage.Events["Plot BaseLoad"]

--// FUNCTIONS \\--

LoadEvent.Event:Connect(function(TileNum, TileType, Player)

	local NewPlot = ReplicatedStorage.Models.PlotBase:Clone()
	NewPlot.Parent = game.Workspace["Player Plots"]
	NewPlot.Name = Player.Name.."'s Plot"

I checked and it is not just getting reparented because If I search the model is nowhere to be found. Additionally, this is not from and random plugins or scripts as I am using a fresh new account. Any help?

Is the model anchored? Parts will delete when they fall into the void.

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