Cloning a model in a plugin


I’m trying to make a plugin that clones a Mesh kit into a Workspace when it is clicked.There are numerous meshes and I don’t want to keep running for every part in it, which would of itself be a bad solution. How can I use or obtain a model in a plugin?

I’m literally working on my own right now, what a coincidence!

Oh well, let’s get to the case shall we. You can save your plugin as a folder instance, then have all the assets you need inside it including the plugin script itself. You would just have to refer to it as e.g. script.Parent.MeshKit if both the MeshKit and the script is in this folder. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the help! I hope your plugin goes well. :+1:

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parent another folder to the plugin script, which would contain all the mesh parts.
When the plugin’s button in the toolbar is clicked, just clone that folder to worskpace?