Cloning a set amout of a objects in a set space

Im trying to have a small object be cloned in a set area quickly at random, but not instantly so they all spawn 1 at a time very fast, heres the object is the area


it needs to spawn rapidly but not instantly and there needs to be many scattered around the area

any help is appreciated

Do you have any code you can show us?

if the set area is a box then you can set the objects position somewhere within the box like this:

while wait(0.3) do
   local newPart = object:Clone()
   newPart.CFrame = box.CFrame *
		math.random(box.Size.X/-2, box.Size.X/2),
		math.random(box.Size.Y/-2, box.Size.Y/2),
		math.random(box.Size.Z/-2, box.Size.Z/2))
   newPart.Parent = workspace