Cloning a tool into a character

I’m making a custom Inventory/toolbar, and I’ve now got it working for the more part, but when I try and clone the tool into the character, for some reason it doesn’t auto attach like normal.
Is this a problem caused by me turning off the backpack/toolbar?
Is there and easy solution to this problem I’ve run into?

There should be no problem in doing this, as long as you unequip the previous Tool:
Then when you clone the new Tool, make sure you set the Parent to the Character:
newTool:Clone().Parent = character

Do you have the tool parented to a folder?

sorry for the slow response, I double checked and it’s just the tool and it’s going into the character as a tool(with a handle) but its just not welding properly.

local char = player.Character
local Tool = player.Backpack:FindFirstChild(item.Name):Clone()
Tool.Parent = char

that’s what I’m using, and the item is a tool and is being cloned, but not welded

also humanoid:EquipTool(Tool) basically does what changing the parent does, goes inside the character, but doesn’t weld properly.

I needed to do it with the server not the client, so now it works lol