Cloning Frames but it clones every past clone

Hello, I’m not sure how to explain this but every time a frame is cloned it clones all the previous frames and stacks them. Im not sure what is causing it to occur.

here is the code that is creating the error.

for pos,val in next,Inventory.inv do
			local itemTable = itemModule[Inventory.inv[pos][2]]
			local content = slotFolder:FindFirstChild("Slot"..tostring(pos))
			ItemClone = ItemTemp:Clone()
			ItemClone.Parent = content
			local hasItem = content:FindFirstChild("HasItem")
			if Inventory.inv[pos][3] == 1 then
				ItemClone.ItemName.Text = Inventory.inv[pos][2]
				ItemClone.ItemName.Text = Inventory.inv[pos][2].." x"..Inventory.inv[pos][3]
			ItemClone.ItemAmount.Text = "x"..Inventory.inv[pos][3]
			if itemTable then
				ItemClone.Img.Image = "".. itemTable["Pic"]
				ItemClone.Img.ImageTransparency = 0