{CLOSE} Builder for FREE

About Me

Hello there! I am 15 years old and offering my services as a builder. I work in small to medium asset creations, and I have been building for almost 4 months on Roblox. Yes I know it’s not a long time, so look at the payment for more information.


You can view my assets here:

I would try to work on any genre for now (I do not have a specific genre for assets)

Assets I cannot build at the time:

  • Vehicals
  • Weapons
  • Complex Buildings
  • Animals
    Plus I do not use blender or anything outside roblox studio


I am available for 2-3 hours to work on the weekends, but only 1-2 hours on the week due to school.


Since this is my first commission, I am willing to work FREE for experience.
Later I hope I would change the price once I finish a couple of commissions.


You can only contact me here on the Developer Forum (with DM).
I am in the Pacific Time Zone if I am taking a while to respond.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Please ask if anything is wrong on my commission

P.S. I will decline any offers I think I am not able to complete in the time-frame or if it’s to difficult for my experience right now.


Hey im willing to hire you but are you able to build a decent
red coloured Castle with walls ?

Never actually build anything that large though…

I am pressuming something like this?

I could try to build it depending on the timeframe.

I need builder for my game.
Contact me or go hare: http://norxnd.cal24.pl/chojrakdevelopment/mzk-koszalin/apply/