[CLOSE]comunication for Roblox Life (5%)

I make a game on roblox named is Roblox Life
this game is in developpement
l’ l’ameliore régulierment

I need help for the communication of my game

in exchange for 5% of group revenue
you have to increase the number of players

I have 0-2visit/day

discord: ! pedronatorbzh#0243

Is the game complete?

30 chars

Alright so, I will get paid (if you ever get robux)
If not, what will happen?
And the best way to increase the number of players is making sponsors/pay a Youtuber.

He stated in the description of the topic that the game is still in development.

no the game is in developement

i just need more players :confused:

Finish your game,and I might help you get some players.

my game is not over but the engine is over

there are just a few missions.
is like jailbreaking before with a bank and NOTHING more

you might want to check your grammer before posting, the best way to get more visits is to sponsor your game or make ads

Closed as requested by the post owner.