[CLOSED] [£££] Hiring a builder to build a clothing Homestore!

About Us

Greetings, my name is Ryan and I am the current founder of Lion Clothing. Lion Clothing is an aspiring clothing company with aspirations of becoming a large clothing group within the Roblox community. Due to lack of building knowledge from me but experience with scripting on this platform, I believed that it was time to focus all of my time and effort on the scripting side of the store rather than the build itself, in which I will (hopefully) be hiring you!

The Team
@RyanTheLion911 - Founder
@RyanTheLion911 - Scripter
@4wku - Building

We currently have a quickly released Homestore currently out right now, which can be found via the link below:

Current Homestore Information

Current Homestore link

Lion Clothing Homestore V2 - Roblox

Group page link

Lion Clothing. - Roblox

About The Job

I have a general idea or aesthetic that I would like this group to be based around, I am active on Discord throughout the day which will be the main source of contact for this project. I will provide images/current games below of which the project will look like. As I have said, these aren’t perfect references but are just the low-poly aesthetic that I am looking for with this home store

I would like quite a large build which can fit a large variety of mannequins (In the range of 200-300) to fit a wide range of clothing which we as a company are planning to design in the near future…

Below are some game examples/pictures

Aesthetic Clothing HomeStore. - Roblox

Vintesque Italia HomeStore 🏡 - Roblox

EGG HUNT🐰 King's Clothing Home store - Roblox

[ Content Deleted ] - Roblox

The building that I desire will be in one ‘hall’ is the best way of describing it, rather than multiple different builders as shown here. ‘Kings clothing’ is the sort of thing that I mean with this.

I do not have a neccessary ‘time limit’ in which you much produce and build this, but the quicker that it is built the better it is for me. (And the quicker you receive your payment, which is obviously a benefit.) ;D


I am currently looking for this around 10-30 GBP (~$12 - ~$36) but this price may vary slightly depending on the quality of the build and other variables such as time taken and size. (I will take your prices that you want to be paid into account). During the ‘half way’ point of the build, I will want to see the progress that you have currently made in which I will pay for half of the build that you have currently published so far. In addition, there is no option of robux payments at the current moment and cash payments will be made via PayPal.

Contact Me

Contacting would be much preferred via Discord as that is the much preferred way of getting in touch with me. (I only use the Dev Forum mainly for scripting problems). Feel free to message me at any point if you’re interested in this opportunity and then we can discuss the details Via Discord.

My Discord tag is ’ ryanthelion#5361’


  • Builder must be at least 13+ years of age. This is to let Discord be accessible to you.
  • Must show previous examples of work that you have done before. This may be by using your portfolio or sending me pictures via Discord.

I’d love to hear back from some of you and hopefully we can begin working with each other soon! Have a nice day/night! :smile:


I have sent you a friend request on Discord

i’ve sent a friend request, GOBL1N JAE#5344
looking forward to working with you.

I sent a friend request on discord, i am AtomicNuke#0677

I will send you a request for discord. I am toonnice_uwu#5080

are you looking for clothing desginers :smiley:

hey i tried to add you on discord but it says check spelling im up for the job as i have been building for over 2 years i do not have a portfolio yet but i am working on it

I’ll change my Discord now, my nitro has only just expired so it changed my tag back. The original post will be edited.

Is this still open? Just curious because I just saw it.

Yes, feel free to add me on Discord and message me.

sent. it’s flumyxx so it shouldn’t be hard to tell

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